Tim Kim is a very passionate and naturally talented photographer. He put all his efforts to capture unique angles of flattering portraits. Not only is he knowledgeable and experienced, but also his personality made the shoot very fun, relaxed, and comfortable. He knows how to make his models feel confident and look their best. His hard working ethic and true passion creates beautiful results!

Thanks Tim! I had such a good laugh and the photos look great!
— Eirini Tornesaki, Vocalist, Kurios by Cirque du Soleil
Tim is one of the most genuine, compassionate, and caring guys I’ve ever met. He works hard with whatever direction he takes, in work or life. The guy puts out an awesome finished product both as a photographer, and an individual.
— JP Alonso, Owner of Edgeautosport.com
I’ve been working with Tim for a while now. His photographs are exceptional; composition is amazing. He captures everything you want to see without over processing. He’s always professional and the work he promises is always there on time, if not early! We’ve used his photos in numerous works for marketing and will hopefully be using much more from him.
— Storm Sasaki, Team Manager @ cp-e
TK is an admirable photographer, capable of orchestrating shoots of any scale. Along with his networking skills, the man is unstoppable. On set he’s calm, creative, open to suggestions and able to make anyone crack a smile. The reach of his diverse portfolio ranges from magazine worthy automotive photography to astonishing landscape time lapses printed on metal.
— Stephen Sullivan, Photographer of Revvolution.com
Tim has a knack for being able to capture the subtle but special moments that truly illuminate the subject. Working with Tim on shoots is a pleasure, as he’s very laid back and non invasive. Being a people person, he can bring out a smile in even the most stubborn of subjects. He’s truly a joy to shoot with and his work speaks for itself.
— Corey Davis, Creative Director of Revvolution.com
Tim was a friend before we got engaged, and while I was a little skeptical about working with a friend on my own wedding, his photos seemed to speak for themselves. Well I had nothing to worry about because Tim was great. I made him sit with all of my bridesmaids for about 5 hours while we got ready, and you would have thought Tim was one of the girls, he made it very comfortable and took all the pictures I could want! Plus my husband and I are no models, so he was helpful when we had no idea how to pose for pictures, along with the rest of our group.

My pictures also came out absolutely gorgeous, I still, to this day, have a hard time picking out my favorite one. I definitely hope to work with Tim in the future!
— Stephanie & Darryl Short (engagement/wedding)
We love our engagement photos! Tim Kim had great ideas for the locations we wanted to shoot at and encouraged us to put our own twist on any pose. The finished pictures we got from Tim Kim look like art and captured a special time for us.
— Jessica Pratt, Captain, USAF
I have had the fortunate pleasure of knowing Tim through our time in the Air Force. Tim took some of the most amazing photos of my daughter and myself during a beautiful snowfall in a nearby village. Not only is he incredibly professional, but he truly brought out the best in the both of us in the shoot.

I would jump at the chance to work with him again. Truly a unique perspective and a joy to work with.
— Karen Dorofee